Pivot City is excited to announce its new major sponsor is Elementary Financial part of Hillross providing exceptional Financial Planning. Aaron Kelleher-Jones the owner of Elementary Financial is our number one ticket holder and the club was pleased to present Aaron with the framed playing top as thanks for the generous sponsorship commitment.

Recently established Elementary Financial is supporting a community based basketball club which Aaron’s son Billie plays an is a perfect way to get grassroots exposure for his business. The objectives of Pivot and Elementary Financial are about providing long term viability and sustainable success which aligns with the financial services Aaron’s business provides.

Club President Craig Porte says “club members will seek out advice from Elementary Financial as Aaron has a track record in providing sound advice to a number of our members. There won’t be any need to encourage members to deal with Aaron as word of mouth and commitment to community causes sells itself. We are very appreciative of Aaron’s support and confidence in our club. Go Pivot”

Please visit their facebook page further information and support our major sponsor.