Former Pivot City and Australian Opal basketballer Rohanee Cox founded the Wathaurong basketball team when she took up a position at the Wathaurong Aboriginal Co-operative Ltd in Geelong.

Cox organised for these young Wathaurong women to play basketball through Basketball Geelong, sponsoring their memberships. With the help from and affiliation with Pivot City’s Craig Porte and Rylie Evans, Pivot City sponsor the team and supply their uniforms.

Pivot’s Rylie Evans believes that, to these women, playing basketball is about more than the game itself.

“The strength of this team is that it builds community connection, as well as health and wellbeing for these young women. It’s a good chance for these players to be mentored, as well as mentor girls in their community, and to build relationships with new people.

“We have a strong team of Aboriginal women, some of who have played consistently throughout their life.

However, there are some who have disengaged for periods of time for one reason or another, and this has been a way of re-engaging in a positive space.” Evans said.

This is the first senior Wathaurong basketball team in Geelong, and in 2018 the side finished second on the ladder.

The Pivot City Wathaurong team play Wednesday nights at the AWA Alliance Bank Stadium in Geelong, the team is sitting on top of the ladder currently in the senior women’s division 4.