Pivot City is introducing a new training framework this Term in the ways of Age Bracket/Group Training.

We are moving towards an academy based training framework and this is the first step in the right direction. With limited court space allocation, this will assist in providing as much value as possible for all teams.

Training will be commencing from the 14th of October.

Below is a timetable for each age group for this terms training.


Geelong College Rolland Sacred Heart Talbot street
5.15 – 6.15 12G Champs & D1 10G
6.15 – 7.15 12B D2 Not Available
7.15 – 8.15 14G Not Available
5.15 – 6.15 Not Available 10BD1 & D2
6.15 – 7.15 Not Available 12B Champs & D1
7.15 – 8.15 14B Champs, D1 & D2 14B D3 – D7
5.15 – 6.15 Not Available 12GD2
5.15 – 6.15 Open 16/20 Girls Not Available
6.15 – 7.15 Open 16/18 Boys Not Available


Should there be any issues or questions, please email president@pivotcity.com.au.

Go Pivot!