Pivot Training Summer Schedule for Term 4

Pivot City is introducing a new training framework this Term in the ways of Age Bracket/Group Training.

We are moving towards an academy based training framework and this is the first step in the right direction. With limited court space allocation, this

Summer Season 2019-2020 Team Lists

The teams for Summer Season are now live!

Summer Season Senior Teams:

Summer 2020 SENIORS Teams

Summer Season Boys Team:

Summer 2020 BOYS Teams

Summer Season Girls Team:

Summer 2020 GIRLS Teams

See above or view team on TeamApp.

Some important notes:


If you are listed in a team

Silver medal for Pivot City player, Jamie Ryan

The 2019 Australian Junior U16 Championships held recently in the Northern Territory showcased the talent of local Geelong and Pivot City player, Jamie Ryan. Jamie, one of Geelong’s most talented juniors has seen a lot of court time so far